Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Backup is Essential

Sometime during the trip back from Miami Beach, my laptop broke. It won't take a charge, so after I drained the 2 batteries, I can't access it. What a pain! Usually before a trip, I back up the hard drive to an external drive and burn most of the data (like PST and email folders) to DVD. Um, I didn't this time. The laptop is at the doctor and the hard drive is in an enclosure feeding this PC.

Example 2: Salesman on flight staring at his Blackberry. Turns out it broke. He wonders where he can get the data off it - especially his contacts / address book.

Backup is essential!

AT&T offers email archiving. Now Barracuda goes one better with IM Archiving.

With more businesses beginning to stockpile staff e-mail and instant-message communications for legal reasons, Barracuda Networks Inc. has introduced new features enabling the Barracuda IM Firewall to export complete IM conversations to a message-archiving solution. ... Completed IM threads are forwarded via SMTP to the message-archiving solution on the network, enabling the administrator to log onto the message archiving solution and sort through both email and IM threads. [telecomweb]

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