Monday, November 26, 2007

Woes of Wireless

EarthLink is learning that Phillie’s network is going to be too challenging to build. The deal that EarthLink had for Houston’s muni project dissolved. And it isn’t just EarthLink. AT&T backed out of Chicago, St. Louis, and now NAPA. Sprint and Clearwire couldn’t come to terms over the nationwide WiMax partnership, so rumors abound about this being the end of WiMax. (Note to Clearwire, What were YOU thinking?) There is noise that Sprint will be purchased by Comcast or Google, but that’s just bankers floating a balloon (or a big investor looking to play the stock delta game). The FCC adopted some Katrina rules for cellular companies pertaining to power backup and reporting (see story here) that will be costly.

Some people are enjoying the fruits of wireless: The FCC awarded 10MHz of 700 spectrum to Public Safety Spectrum Trust (PSST). [story]

Want to enjoy the fruit of licensed spectrum? 3650 MHz is ready to be registered and the 700 MHz Auction deadline is Dec. 3, 2007. Contact the law offices of Rini Coran, PC for help.

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