Monday, November 26, 2007

BSA Targeting Small Business

Yahoo news has a story on the Business Software Alliance. The BSA is the "main global copyright-enforcement watchdog for such companies as Microsoft Corp., Adobe Systems Inc. and Symantec Corp.... Of the $13 million that the BSA reaped in software violation settlements with North American companies last year, almost 90 percent came from small businesses, the AP found." The most shocking part is the Reward: "And this year it began dangling rewards of up to $1 million to disgruntled employees who anonymously report their bosses for using counterfeit or unlicensed software."

There is a backlash though: ""It's not like they have really good software. It's just that it's widespread and it's commonly used," Gaertner said. "It's going to be a while, but eventually, we plan to get completely disengaged from those software vendors that participate in the BSA.""

New business plan: help companies move away from software that the BSA targets or get involved as a technology asset auditor.

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