Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Voice 3.0 - with video, please

A couple of clients have incorporated SimulScribe into their voice offering. A few have added a fax2email service (props to AstroTel's SmartFax).

Some other nifty things you might want to share with your voice customers:

You don’t need a Blackberry, Treo, iPhone or other high-end phone to use PhoneGnome Mobile Web and Visual Voicemail. And best of all, PhoneGnome Mobile Web is free with PhoneGnome service. [voip watch]

Video is the next wave (of buzz). SightSpeed probably has the best video offering for vid conferencing and video email. Toxbox.com also has a video conferencing offering. Vyew.com has collaboration and live conferencing. FreeConference.com is offering desktop sharing for no-charge for a limited time. And this is just a small sampling. CIO mag has an article on Vid Conf.

SimulScribe is just one of the many in the voice2text genre. SpinVox and Jott are a couple of others.

And as long as I am talking add-ons, how about Zen Desk, a web-based help desk for the agile IT organization of today. Hosted, affordable and offers an intuitive user interface and a no-nonsense feature set.[emily]

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