Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Labor Shortage Coming

"TWO DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS in the U.S. workforce are converging to create a perfect storm for employers in the coming years..... First, the U.S. workforce is aging. By 2010 nearly one in three American workers will be over the age of 50. .... Second, more than 21 million new jobs are expected to be created in the U.S. economy in the same time frame, but just 17 million new workers will enter the workforce. Labor shortages are projected in a growing number of sectors of the economy, including information technology (IT) and communications." [phone+]

One thing is that I don't believe, with the on-setting recession, we will create 17M new jobs -- or if we do, we will lose 17M jobs and it will be a wash (as it has been the last couple of years).

Second, I belive that enough people believe this (FUD) that it is a chance to sell Managed Services to small businesses. To be able to charge the rate you desire, you will need to be able to demonstrate TCO and ROI. Not easy, I know. But a maintenance agreement is better than trying to collect hourly rates that you are nickel and dimed over.

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