Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Neustar and DNS: no-charge

Neustar owns UltraDNS now. They had a busy booth at ISPCON. (I don't know if it was because of Mariana or because of the free offer). Neustar is offering recursive DNS services for free to ISP's and educational institutions. (Limited time offer. Contact me for Mariana's info -- and mention that you heard it here at RAD-INFO!)

What is Recursive DNS? (1) A recursive DNS server means that it can process requests for domains for which it is not authoritative. Some DNS servers have recursion disabled and cannot process requests unless they're for the requested domain. (2) A recursive DNS server is a DNS server which contacts other DNS servers to resolve a given DNS node.

Here are some reasons why Neustar Ultra is providing recursive services for free to ISP's and educational institutions:

  1. Brand Awareness - While NeuStar is the leading Authoritative DNS Provider, we have limited awareness in the recursive space (looking to grow that market).
  2. Creating a safer Internet - Providing recursive DNS not only gives end users piece of mind, but our Authoritative DNS customers gain peace of mind knowing that their customers are getting to them via a safe and reliable method.
BTW: NeuStar has a DNS re-direct service that is free and pays YOU some $$. Call for details.... 813-963-5884. (If you call Mariana at NeuStar Ultra Services directly, please tell them you heard it from RAD-INFO).

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