Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Is BellSouth out to kill the Indie ISP?

It certainly looks like what's left of Southern Bell is out to kill off the Independent ISP. BST is taking $40 to $45 off FastAccess pricing on a 3 year contract for new FastAccess DSL subscribers (who also have BST local and LD). Customer gets a $200 bill credit with a 3 year contract on the local line. Customer must be switching from another high speed provider (DSL) and provide a copy of the ISP bill.

Instead of embracing the independent ISP as a partner to stave off cable competition, the ILEC is giving away the store to take back that LESS THAN 1% market share of DSL that the IISP has. Way to stay focused! I mean, obvously the IISP, even Covad, is the biggest obstacle you face. (If you truly believe that, you have bigger issues in Atlanta, NJ and Texas than even I can fix, cuz delusions require a shrink. But if it just means that you have your head... in the sand or elsewhere, well, that might be fixable.

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