Friday, September 14, 2007

Web Hosting Round Up

Looking at, I was amazed at the number of hosting deals. It reminds me of how PC's and laptops are sold to the consumer - lots of GB's and numbers thrown in there. Most people do not need 120GB of space for a website (unless they are hosting media, in which case as a hosting provider, do you really want to be the cheapest?) Cheap hosting is all about volume, scale, and numbers - and knowing that the average joe is not going to use much bandwidth. (My website sits on about 120MB of space and uses less than 20MB of transfer per month). And who needs 2500 email accounts but spammers? The only thing notable was bluehost's streaming audio and video support, and a host of e-commerce and community features. My advice: Don't race to the bottom - sell in a niche.

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