Friday, September 14, 2007


Once again the 900 pound gorilla turns to litigation when its massive lobbying efforts fail to give them what they want, which in this case would be the tried and true spectrum auction that has allowed VZW and its brethren unfettered access to spectrum to create their multi-billion dollar cellular empires. Cellcos like closed networks, that mean you can only use features that they approve on phones that they approve. These closed gardens result in millions more dollars from approved vendors. Open access means a consumer can bring any device including, gasp, handsets that allow unfettered access to VoIP, IM, and other common PC communications applications. However, these apps mean less revenue for the Gorilla. And the FCC is supposed to help feed the Gorilla. (At least it has been since I've been in the industry). Sue Crawford and FreePress have details on the lawsuit, which will delay the auction. TechDirt has a similar POV. [this was also posted at]

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