Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mergers Everywhere... but how many will go?

News sources are reporting and stating that FCC Commissioner Copps will likely vote against 3 mergers:

  1. Sirius-XM: Copps doesn't think the merger is in the consumer's best interest, YET [source1, source2] [Ed. note: I think one financially strong satellite radio company would give the NAB members a run for their money. Today's radio sucks!]
  2. "when Tribune Co. goes private at the end of the year [in Zell's $8B deal], it shouldn't expect to automatically get renewal of the temporary cross-ownership waivers for its television stations." [source3]
  3. "Copps also reiterated his opposition to the sale of Dow Jones & Co. to Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., saying the FCC should study the deal for its impact on media diversity in New York -- where News Corp. publishes the New York Post and owns two television stations -- and nationally." [source4]
  4. IN other FCC news, Comcast was fined for Fake News. [source5]

Ma Bell makes a swipe at DISH Network parent Echostar for $55 per share, weeks after Echostar purchased Sling Media and is thinking of splitting the company into assets and services divisions.

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