Monday, August 13, 2007

VoIP Consumers

All over the blogs and in forums, former SunRocket customers are blasting away at the VoIP carriers that they are migrating to. I have yet to read one positive review. One review for EarthLink TrueVoice states that the user didn't like the tech support from India.

"Excuse me. Um, Mr. Consumer. If you are paying $199 per year for Unlimited Voice service. And your first provider went BK. Doesn't that maybe give you the impression that you can't have it all for $16.58 per month?"

It's funny how many ITSP's followed suit to add SunRocket subs AT THE SAME RATE that put SunRocket down for the count. Even cellco's get that it is now about raising ARPU. Why do so many companies rush to the bottom on price? Total number of subs is not the metric that you need to be looking at. Total profit is. Basic math folks. If you lose $1 on each customer, you eventually close.

UPDATE: Andy wrote a similar post here.

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