Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ma Bell bad newz

  • at&t $10 DSL is hard to get and TRA is not happy [source]
  • the iphone has been hacked - 3 claims that I have seen, but at&t is using legal armholds on at least one - a 17-year old, and [source1, source2, source3 ].
  • "AT&T Inc. is giving up an ad campaign that claims its wireless division has the "fewest dropped calls" among major cellular carriers." - no one believes it any way! [source]
  • NASCAR is allowed to drop the logo too.
  • In Atlanta, Comcast is hiring to kick old BellSouth butt [ajc]
  • the 9th Circuit Court threw out the forced arbitration clause in Cingular contracts -- consumers are free to sue Cingular, now attwireless, in a class action suit. [source]
  • at&t censored Pearl Jam and now they are trying to silence me as well [radinfo]

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