Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SunRocket Eulogy, MS VoIP

The NY Times has a great piece about SunRocket's demise. Expect even more regulation of VoIP as the Bells will toll over this. Plus the final sentence is the real problem:

Now, Mr. Egan said, he plans to move his service to AT&T or some other traditional company. “I want to avoid anything that has to do with growth technology companies,” he said.


  1. Microsoft is buying its way into the VoIP hardware Retail space for a P-n-P VoIP service that works with Vista and Live. [see story here at Fierce and here at Ars].
  2. Former employees buy Zultys in bankruptcy auction [FierceVoIP]
  3. RTI sues Qwest over 2 VoIP Patents [bizjournal]

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