Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Not 500k - only 146k

Hype - and lot sof it. But all that hype did was move 146,000 people to sign up for the iPhone. And that fact (included in AT&T's 2Q07 financial report) tanked Apple stock. It's tough to live up to the hype. BTW, AT&T had a 61% growth in profit. [Phone+] This is ridiculous. Sales were only up 2%, which means all their rate hikes (like in NY & NJ and excess recovery fees in FL have added to its cash horde).
  • net quarterly income totaled $2.9B on earnings of $4.3B
  • these numbers include BellSouth which closed in December of 2006
  • cellular: net gain of 1.5M subscribers for a total of 63.7M, churn is 1.6%,
  • Total wireless revenue rose 12.7% to $10.4 billion
  • U-Verse has 51,000 subs in 23 markets

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