Saturday, July 21, 2007

Google on the move again

Google has announced intentions to enter the 700 MHz spectrum auction IF the FCC agrees to the open network idea. ("The four specific requests made by Google ask for open applications, open devices, open networks, and open services," according to PhoneScoop). Google is also ponying up a minimum of $4.6B for the auction.

I don't know if I ever posted this:

Google announced today that it will be making its Google Apps for your Domain available to ISPs. Google Apps Partner Edition is targeted specifically at service providers, which will allow them to make Google's collection of web apps available to thousands of subscribers as their own branded services. [source]

Google stock dips to $508 due to:

"Web search leader Google reported disappointing earnings yesterday, blaming a hiring spree and a jump in other operating expenses, sending its stock down 7 per cent. Google failed to beat Wall Street expectations for only the second time in its 12 quarters as a publicly traded company. Net profit rose 28 per cent and Google gained market share against Yahoo! and other rivals in online advertising." [source]

Google to concentrate on Universal Search and Translation Technology [source]

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