Wednesday, May 02, 2007

VZ 1Q07

VZ added more wireless customers in 1Q07 than Cingular, but its profits slid 8%. "Verizon posted net income fell 8.4% to $1.49bn from $1.63bn a year earlier. Sales rose 6.4% to $22.58bn from $21.23bn in the year-ago quarter." [source]
  • VZW added 1.7M customers to hit 60.7M; Cingular added 1.2M to hit 62.2M.
  • "VZW retail service ARPU rose 2.8% $50.73"
  • VZ added 416,000 broadband connections
  • VZ added 141,000 new FiOS TV users to hit a total of 348,000

VZ is investing about $23B into FiOS. Investors, who are the bane of public companies because of their short term outlook, are not seeing a fast enough ROI. At 348k I can see why.

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