Wednesday, May 02, 2007

FCC on SSI Plans for CALEA Compliance

David Ward is a senior attorney at the FCC's Public Safety & Homeland Security Bureau. He returned my call today about the SSI Plans. SSI Plans were due in March of 2007 per this public notice.

Filing Procedure: Facilities-based broadband Internet access service providers and interconnected VoIP service providers filing SSI plans must reference ET Docket No. 04-295. Parties must file an original and 4 copies of each filing. Filings can be sent by hand or messenger delivery, by commercial overnight courier, or by first-class or overnight U.S. Postal Service mail (although we continue to experience delays in receiving U.S. Postal Service mail). All filings must be addressed to the Commission’s Secretary, Office of the Secretary, Marlene Dorcht, Federal Communications Commission.

  • Commercial overnight mail (other than U.S. Postal Service Express Mail and Priority Mail) must be sent to 9300 East Hampton Drive, Capitol Heights, MD 20743.
  • U.S. Postal Service first-class, Express, and Priority mail should be addressed to 445 12th Street, SW, Washington DC 20554.

David Ward asked that another copy of your SSI plan be sent to him at the FCC, Room 7-B623.

The SSI plan and the 24/7x365 contact information must be filed by May 14, 2007. (Penalties do apply).

If you need an SSI plan, I have a template available for $49. Or Kris Twomey's office can file one for you for $250.

Think about sharing a mediation box with other ISP's in your area. Most courts do not require immediate turn up of a subpoena (up to 5 days). And you will probably be talking to the LEA prior to getting the actual subpoena. (Then your lawyer or TTP will want to inspect the subpoena). So you have time to get the box in and set it up.

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