Monday, May 14, 2007

VoIP Adds

The numbers for VoIP are crazy. The average provider has about 150 lines total. SunRocket has 200k. Vonage used to have 2.2M, before th epatent battle with VZ. Last quarter, Vonage only added 166k new customers (no idea the churn numbers). This is half of the 328k Vonage added in 1Q06. Meanwhile, Comcast added 571k last quarter. [source]

In one quarter, Comcast added more lines than SunRocket has total in 2 years - doubled plus some. It added one-quarter of Vonage in one quarter. Imagine what that did to the revenues of the ILEC!

Another VoIP Provider whose EDGAR I was just reading looks more typical: needs infusions of cash to keep going; turned mainly to wholesale where customer acquisition costs are much lower; has about 10,000 lines from about 75 partners.

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