Monday, May 14, 2007

EVDO 3G Back-Up

For redundancy many companies get a combo of DSL, cable and wireless broadband. If you sell fixed wireless (or even wi-fi) perhaps you should start offering 3G (cellular) backup. There are some nice boxes out there now that support 3G, including these:
  • Digi ConnectPort WAN VPN supports GSM EDGE & CDMA/EVDO
  • Encore Networks Bandit III that is "Industrially Hardened Security Appliance" - will connect to T1, DSL, IP, PSTN or CDMA/EVDO or GSM
  • AirLink Raven X supports EVDO
  • Linksys WRGT54G3G-ST supports EVDO
  • Junxion Box supports EVDO

You can hook up with a SprintPCS sales agent (like RAD-INFO) and take home a spiff for selling the SprintPCS EVDO service (now at $40 to $70 per month).

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