Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sprint's new Red color

By all reports, Sprint had a horrible quarter, losing $211M. Telephony mag explains the losses:
'Sprint added 600,000 net subscriber in the first three months of the year, but three-quarters of those adds were from its wholesale business, another 275,000 came from Boost prepaid additions and 46,000 from affiliates. Sprint, however, saw its core postpaid subscribers decline by 220,000, mainly due to flight from its Nextel iDEN network. Sprint ended the quarter with 53.6 million subscribers total, up 1% from the 4th quarter. Of that base, 78% were postpaid users, 8% were Boost customers and 14% were wholesale or affiliate customers.' [source]
Sprint's churn is over 2% - VZW & Cingular are under 2%. Most losses are from the lucrative Nextel base that Sprint bought not too long ago (prior to spinning off all its wireline business).

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