Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Exemptions to CALEA

In this PDF from ACE, the author tries to define the exempt networks:
Generally speaking, a higher education or research institution should be fully exempt from CALEA if it satisfies two criteria: (1) its network qualifies as a “private network,” and (2) it does not “support” the connection of the private network to the Internet. In practical terms, this means that an institution should be exempt where it restricts the use of its network to particular classes of users (e.g., students, faculty, and administrators), and where the institution relies on a third party (such as a commercial ISP or a regional network) to provide the transmission and switching facilities used to route traffic to the Internet, rather than self-supplying such facilities.
In general, if you own a router or switch and commercially provide internet, you must comply with the FCC Order for CALEA.

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