Thursday, May 17, 2007

The only time the RBOCs and Cable Agree

At The Cable Show in Vegas, the lobby group for MSO's publicized its plan for regulatory reform. The plan in short: "Leave us alone!" [source] Wow! This is the first time that cable and telco agree, since the Brand-X ruling. "All regs would sunset in 5 years," proclaimed NCTA president Kyle McSlarrow. [source] In some ways I agree. The FCC has been totally ineffective in every area - media ownership, spectrum, competition, broadband, and regulation. It seems at times if they don't even WANT to regulate (take the Iowa blocking case). So why spend the $300M per year to have them? So they can allow mega-mergers, but not smaller ones (att-bst but not mci-sprint; vz-mci but not dtv-dish). Or so they can sell away all spectrum to the Big 5? It's ridiculous. But then so is much of what goes on in DC.

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