Wednesday, April 04, 2007

VZ DSL Support Just $10 more has the story on VZ announcing its "Premium Support Package" at an additional $10 per month.
The advanced technical service provides help for most problems broadband users may encounter, including virus and spyware removal, firewall issues, networking configurations, malfunctioning routers, and problems with computer hardware and software.
As VZ (and AT&T) nickel and dime the consumer with fees, charges, non-tax taxes, and tech support charges, it is a great time to remind people that your service costs what you advertise.


Unknown said...

Do you feel that your last sentence, to any extent at all, conflicts with your general advocacy of monetising the sophisticated computer service / solutions capabilities of local providers?

Peter Radizeski said...

Yes it does conflict... but the post was a reminder to my clients that the 800 pound Gorillas are catching up, adding surcharges, and fees and charging for Tech Support. That means that the $10 DSL is really $25 or $29. Lots of room to market that discrepancy.