Monday, April 02, 2007

SunRocket hits 200k

According to Telecomweb, SunRocket has raised over $80M since a couple of MCI guys founded it in 2004. That's like $400 per sub. Plans are $199 per year. However,
"SunRocket also is not known to be plagued with the kind of patent lawsuit problems Vonage is facing, which in the extreme could cause Number One to shut down at the end of this week."
While it is just a gnat on the butt of the voice world now, if it gets bigger, it could face IP lawsuits. Their new CEO, Lisa Hook, is from AOL Broadband and she thinks that SunRocket can take a bigger share of the VoIP market. How big is the market? 10M VoIP subs currently & 50M BB homes. Of the 10M, about 7M are with cable.

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