Monday, April 30, 2007

The DIP by Seth Godin

In his new book ($5 for the abringed CD at, Seth Godin talks about Quitting. If you want to be Number 1, 2 or 3 at something, you have to focus on it - and maybe quit some other things along the way. (Here's his summary page for the books ideas).
If you correlate the Dip with the E-Myth, the Dip is the point where you need the additional skills to take your business to the next level. You may not have the money, the effort, the insight, the skill or the passion to do that. Adding employees adds extra complexity to any business. But that is the difference between bridging the dip and not. --->Let me explain this better. With 1 to 50 clients, your business is manageable solo probably. After that, scale means it becomes unmanageable. You might need to hire contractors or employees to help with the load. You might need specialists. You might need a lawyer to craft contracts or employee handbooks. You might need a CPA or tax specialist to structure your business entity. As you scale, complexity grows. That dip is the part where you not growing or hitting any goals and need to put forth some extra effort. In personal growth, we call that getting out of the comfort zone. Growth only happens when you are uncomfortable.
To correlate the Dip with Sales, the Dip is the 3rd or 4th contact when 80% of the salespeople give up. Most sales pros know that it can take 5 or 7 different contacts with the prospect to close a sale. (Some even longer. That is why you need to push through the dip in sales).
You want to be the best at what you do, but Seth reminds us that we get to define what that means. Maybe you are the best provider in your zip code. Or you are the best wireless broadband provider in your zip code. Or you are the best IT solutions provide to companies with 1 to 26 employees. Define it. That's the key to Focus, which is the key to success.

Go buy the book. It's only $5 and it is audio, so Seth will read it to you in the car.

Here is an interview between Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin about the Dip, Quitting and Mediocrity.

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