Monday, April 30, 2007

Comments about CALEA

from one of my clients (with permission):

Sent: Friday, April 27, 2007 9:42 PM

To: Peter R.

Subject: Re: CALEA

That was from the notes transcribed from the initial meeting with the FBI. I can dig up a copy if you want but I'm sure I sent you those transcribed notes. The FBI said PCAP with a hash file and a secure tunnel to access them was their preference.

Dillon's been keeping up with the opencalea listserve and we talked a bit about it at dinner tonight... He said the FBI is stating that that is their preference and they can't speak for the rest of LEAs since the rest don't have a clue what they want. Being able to do the PCAP files etc makes us compliant but if some agency wants something weird, that agency has discretion on whether we're compliant or not. To solve this part of the problem, there is something called safe haven.

Opencalea will provide T1.LEAS or anything else the feds ask for. As long as we are able to provide whatever opencalea has, we are under safe haven. So opencalea will come up with the T1.LEAS version of PCAP files and implementing the opencalea protocols will provide safe haven from asshole agencies that would like to call one non-compliant. There's nothing complex to be done. We've always been able to do what the FBI wants. We'll be able to implement whatever opencalea comes up with so we have safe haven. And as Dillon said, we can create _anything_ in five days.

This is much ado about nothing unless you are too clueless to use basic tools already provided or being provided by opencalea soon.

The FBI apparently has a clue these days, at least some of them. Do a tcpdump to PCAP files and create a hash and a tunnel for the FBI to use. It's no more complex than that.

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