Wednesday, April 25, 2007

College Grads & Internet

Great article about the college grad and his internet access withdrawal from Y! Tech.
Maybe you recently finished paying the last tuition bill? Maybe it did a number on your pocketbook? Look at the bright side: At least your student got free Internet included in tuition. Recent college graduates report withdrawal symptoms when they're suddenly faced with the prospect of paying an ISP real money to surf the web.

I recently asked my own post-college daughter to summarize what she thought kids did when faced with the prospect of having no high-speed connection. "Internet access is usually a problem when they first graduate and are unemployed," she told me. "They have cheap laptops and are trying to job search. They resort to stealing free wireless on street corners or drinking lots of lattes."

She goes on to say, "Once they have an office job they've got high-speed access all day and they are so bored by their entry-level jobs that they do a LOT of surfing. Most likely they want to stay away from the screen at night!"

While I'm betting that she expresses the sentiments of many, there are a number of creative things graduates jones-ing from high speed withdrawal may want to consider.

The author writes about ways that the student (or anyone reading her article) can jangle for free internet.

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