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For VOIP Providers, a CALEA TTP (trusted 3rd Party) is probably the best bet. There is too much involved in trying to tap SIP - too many places to hook, transparently. Acme Packet and SS8 have done a good job of disseminating CALEA info. For ISP's, CALEA should be easier if your edge router (the box connecting your network with your upstream provider) is CALEA compliant.

One client is talking to Apogee about getting their TTP solution for ISP's. Now, I'm not picking on Apogee, but this $1000 per month solution (on a 3-year contract) seems like overkill for a broadband provider. We aren't talking VoIP, just Broadband.

Bearhill has a webinar about CALEA and their TTP offering today. [Update: I can't say much about their solution because most of the details in th ewebinar were about their history, stability and the history of CALEA. No real meat to how, why, what and how much for the Mediation Solution].

Solera has a nice page that explains about their solution - just $7000. Here's a review of the Solera solution. [ISP Planet did a review of Solera here]. Solera has an open source DataEcho software that captures live Web traffic. Read here. Webinar with Solera on Tuesday at 10 AM.

[Note: I do not sell or recommend any solution; I am simply providing information for your edification. You should contact a knowledgable attorney to confirm answers. May I suggest Kris Twomey or Chris Savage.] pushed by Merit Networks has info HERE.

Read the WISPA FBI FAQ here.

ISS World is May 29-June 1 in DC - Topic: CALEA [updated]

Cisco will support two different LI architectures: PacketCable and Cisco Service Independent Intercept, which supports voice and data intercept initiated by a Mediation Device via SNMPv3.

  • 7200, 7300 –Supports both versions of TAP MIB (but not simultaneously)
  • 7500 –Supports version 1 of TAP MIB
  • 7600 –‘Native’ LI support in development
  • 2851, 3845 –SII support in development
  • AS5350, AS5400, AS5850 - supports PC, TAP MIB v1&2

What protocols are we talking about?

  • J-STD-25A –Punchlist
  • J-STD-25B –CDMA2000 wireless data
  • PacketCable –VoIP for Cable networks
  • T1.678 –VoIP for wireline, PTT, PoC
  • ETSI 33.108 –GPRS wireless data
  • ATIS –T1.IPNA –ISP data (brand new) <Read more here @ TMC>

How long do I get to implement a wiretap request?

  • TMC talks about it some here
  • "Under current law, telephone companies have five days to implement a court order authorizing a wiretap or other form of monitoring. [source: McHugh]
  • The FISA court lets law enforcement monitor first and get warrant second.

Some final CALEA info here. Lots of PDF's here. Hope this helps.

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