Friday, February 09, 2007

Z-Tel in TKO - Heads to BK

Trinsic, the former Z-Tel, lost $1.5M and $6.9M in the last 2 quarters on about $75M in revenue in that period. Trinsic's CEO,Trey Davis, blames it on the UNE-P losses. No. You lost MCI and Sprint as big-time clients. You did not see the writing on the wall about UNE-P. You weren't moving fast enough to VoIP, even though you were experimenting with it for a while. Your best value add was the PVA, that somewhere along the way was dumped. (PVA was a Unified Messenger type service). When Trey says this:

"In the past three years we've worked very hard to reduce our cost structure to levels more consistent with the margins available in a post-UNEP marketplace and we have made steady progress in this regard," Davis said. "Nevertheless, regrettably, we must now take this step in order to gain additional time and the legal means to further rationalize our cost structure and protect our business and our customers."

What he is really saying is that we never had costs under control and when pressed to do it when I was brought in, I couldn't. ---> It seems that you couldn't sell enough or couldn't raise the pricing or couldn't get the back of the house efficient. Bye. Bye.

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