Friday, February 09, 2007

Literally Every-Body is Selling VOIP

It seems like every day there are many, many, many announcements of people jumping into the VOIP arena. Here are some just from today via
  • AbsoluteIP Introduces Small Business IP PBX
  • Teltronics Introduces IP PBX for Small Businesses
  • Junction Networks Launches Hosted IP PBX
  • NBS Launches Wholesale VoIP in the U.S. for Resi
  • ViaTalk Offering Wholesale VoIP Service Solution in the U.S.
  • Rogers to Offer Hosted VoIP to Small Businesses in Canada
  • PacNet Rolling Out VoIP to SMBs in Asia Pacific
It all the same stuff. No one is differentiating or adding any gizmos or refinements that would be a stand-out. Remarkable? Hardly. In fact, the wholesale offerings are probably due to the fact that the retail space was too difficult to market to. (How do you successfully market nationwide against Vonage's $1M per month coupled with the MSO and ILEC advertising full-court press?) BTW, Rogers is doing what SipStorm tried. That will be a disaster!

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