Thursday, January 11, 2007

VoIP Guys: Watch out for VZ FiOS Phone

VoIP Providers need to take a lesson from the VZ FiOS Phone (from

Fios customers or wannabes: Keep an eye out for the next-generation Verizon One, a 5.6 gigahertz cordless phone with a sleek touch-screen panel. It's connected to Fios and lets you get real-time traffic, weather, maps, caller ID with photos, stores addresses and phone numbers--and can revert to a screen saver with images licensed from the Museum of Modern Art. You can also tap its menus to order a pizza from Pizza Hut. You used to have to pick up the phone to do that.

This is the kind of stuff people would want from an IP enabled phone -- programming it for some nifty tricks. Make the phone like a browser toolbar.

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