Friday, January 12, 2007

Dell is not a Data Center's pal

The 2 biggest dilemmas for a data center are power and cooling. Obviously, both are also huge cost factors. It seems that Dell servers use inefficient power supplies and throw off lots of heat.

One complaint I heard lodged by the facility was against Dell servers -- which were very common in the building by the way. The problem? The massive heat generation of their power supplies which is much higher than from companies like HP and Lenovo. Obviously One Wilshire is responsible for cooling all this equipment so thousands of Dell Servers means lots of heat that needs to be dissipated via increased cooling.

We live in a country that hasn't built any new power plants in many years, and yet our power consumption increases annually. (Much like our water consumption and total lack of conservation --- green lawn or water to bathe, people!) The cost of power is increasing. Data centers might want to look into the most cost effective servers as well as the coolest.

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