Tuesday, January 02, 2007

TeleGeography 3Q VoIP numbers

TeleGeography is out with its 3Q06 VoIP market share numbers:
  • Vonage maintains its lead with 1.95M domestic subs, up 194k from 2Q
  • Time Warner has 1.64M, up 184,000.
  • Comcast is at 1.3M subscribers, adding 483K new customers plus a bunch more in some market swaps with Time Warner.
  • Cablevision slipped to 4th place with 1.1M subs, up ~ 110k.
  • Primus, 8x8, SunRocket and Brighthouse were all bunched at between 110,000 and 170,000.
  • TeleGeography also reports that the U.S.'s five biggest ILECs--AT&T, VZ, BST, Qwest, and Embarq--lost a combined 2.4 Million switched access lines in the third-quarter.
  • Cox was not counted because most of its phone customers are switched access, not VoIP.
  • VoIP Subscribers Up 18% in 3Q06 --> 8.2M VOIP users ---> almost $2B in annual rev
  • TMC has the numbers here.
  • FierceVoIP also has a write up, and another one here.

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