Monday, January 29, 2007

ADA Sues for ADA Commpliance on e-Commerce

The BizJournal has a story about Target being sued because blind people cannot navigate

"That accessibility is the central theme in a lawsuit filed by the National Federation of the Blind against Target Corp. It was the first lawsuit filed in the United States on the issue. Last September, a federal judge in California agreed with the NFB's position that the Americans with DisabilitiesAct guarantees for accessibility apply to e-commerce Web sites just as they do for so-called brick-and-mortar retail businesses....The NFB, which is the nation's largest group for blind people, filed its lawsuit claiming that Target did not do enough to make its e-commerce site accessible to the blind."

In determining a Web site's accessibility for the blind:

  • Adjust monitor brightness and contrast to see if text disappears.
  • Check to see if the site can be navigated without a mouse.
  • Check images for descriptive alternate tags.

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