Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vancouver Weighs In

I had drinks with the guys from Vancouver representing Adzilla and Sutus.

Adzilla as you may know is the advertising service for your network. If you have 15,000 broadband providers, you can monetize your network (gain some additional revenue) passively. The Zilla-caster sits at your POP and replaces banners from a media company like DoubleClick with an Adzilla ad (with permission from the website) and pays you and the website. Interested in details?

Sutus is a small business hardware play. The box is a mail server, NAT router, file server, and PBX all in one. Sutus is looking for a few good ISPs that are interested in offering a PBX+ box to your customers to tie in with your VoIP and Internet services. Want details? Call me at 813.963.5884 next week. I see the latest demo box tomorrow. The first demo was astounding how fast and easy 3 people could be turned up with email, file share and phone line with voicemail.

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