Monday, November 27, 2006

NuVox - the billion dollar CLEC

NuVox included this statement with a quote today:

NuVox currently has over 45,000 business to business customers in the 16 state footprint we serve in 48 markets. Nuvox currently is a 400 million dollar a year telecommunications company with over 1 billon in investment from companies like KKR, Wachovia Capital Partners, JP Morgan, Vaxa Capital, etc. Nuvox currently provides dial tone and Internet service strictly in a small to medium enterprise market (business to business only).

$1B investment??? In what?

The current view of the NuVox network features 28 voice switches and 281 co-locations. The combined company’s network has been successfully transformed into a merged infrastructure capable of supporting next generation service deployments. At the core of NuVox’s network are Cisco’s GSR routers which power a robust OC12 network. The OC12 core network is further extended into regional OC3 rings using Cisco’s 7600 family of products.

NuVox’s current deployment of VoIP has been concentrated on toll services and PRIs. The VoIP network is powered by The Insignus Softswitch from Sonus Networks which currently support 13 gateways inside of NuVox’s operating region. These gateways provide the flexibility to offer a suite of voice services to our customers in a more economical manner that was previously available through traditional TDM switching infrastructures.

Unless they bought a bunch of IRU's from someone like Fiberlight, Xspedius, or L3, what did they spend $1B on??! That's $22k per customer. And that is $1B plus the debt:

On May 15, 2006, NuVox closed a $95 million senior secured credit facility, consisting of an $85 million 6-year term loan and a $10 million 5-year revolving credit facility. The proceeds from the new facility will be used to refinance certain existing indebtedness and for general corporate purposes.

This is why CLEC's have problems.

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