Friday, November 10, 2006

ISPCON Fall 2006 Wraps Up

This was one of the best ISPCONs in the 3+ years I have been attending. Hats off once again to Jon Price and his energetic crew! Great job!

There was lots of energy. I felt the vibe from the moment I entered the Hyatt on Monday afternoon. The exhibitors were a varied lot from the usual suspects of Ikano and Wireless guys to ARIN, RBS and Etelos. The sessions ran on tracks - wireless, hosting, VoIP, technology, marketing, sales and business. Too often I wanted to be in 2 or more sessions at once. Many were full - 30 people or so. Many others had 15-20 people. Even when the moderator said the session went bad - the attendees were able to learn a thing or 2. The networking opportunities were plentiful - the 15 minute break between each session, the cocktail parties, and of course ISP-CEO.

One idea given during ISP-CEO if implemented would easily pay for the cost of one trip to ISPCON per year. Just one idea that takes 10 minutes to implement.

While I didn't think too much of Doc Searle's keynote, people talked about it the rest of the show. Which is exactly what you want from the keynote. I can tell you know one gave an additional thought to the Comptel keynote from Paetec CEO Arunas Chesonis. I wish I could have that hour back.

In grand tradition, it ended with a Texas Hold'em poker game while drinking brews and smoking cigars that Mac had in his portable humidor. Chip beat John for all the M&M's.

ISPCON is back in Orlando on May 23-25, 2007. Book early.

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