Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hosting and Data Centers

David Snead is an attorney that specializes in hosting and data centers. If I was building a data center, I would call David.

His session today about Data Centers was pretty good. Leases is all about looking at the future potential problems as well as the details like liability, easements, conduit, riser space, yadda. Permits, zoning, visitors, and changes.

The other important things to think about: Power, the cost as well as the availability. Can you get 2 MegaWatts per day and will it be at 5 cents per kilowatt or 13? Power usage is increasing rapidly at data centers. Where will the generators go? Can the floor handle the weight of the generator as well as the battery backup? Cooling is the obvious other factor. Can you put 600 tons of A/C in the building? Is there multiple fiber runs into the building? Is there conduit with available space?

Lots to think about. One thing that Rich Bader mentioned was that making the lobby impressive and the center remarkable - it sells itself.

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