Monday, November 13, 2006

In I-don't-get-it news: ELN & Charlotte

The Biz Journal is reporting about a rumor that EarthLink will blanket Charlotte with wireless internet access. The reporting is sketchy. See:

"A decision on whether to start the service could be made by early January, says Susan Johnson, a key business executive for the city of Charlotte who is working with EarthLink. EarthLink is selling Wi-Fi service in Philadelphia and Anaheim, Calif., charging about $20 a month for Internet access with download speeds of up to 1 megabyte per second. The company is expanding in New Orleans and Milipitas, Calif., and negotiating with several other cities."

Because as far as I can tell Phillie ain't up yet. And how do you light it by January???

"the city of Winston-Salem chose a team including IBM Corp., Cisco Systems and Azulstar Networks to offer Wi-Fi. WinstonNet Executive Director Lynda Goff says a pilot project is likely next year. EarthLink needs about 2,000 households per square mile for the effort to be feasible, Johnson says. It installs about 35 transmitters per square mile in what she terms "a pretty quick build out." She thinks about 20% of Charlotte's 240 square miles meet that density level. To offer the service throughout the city, including less dense areas, would probably require public investment. EarthLink expects its revenue to mainly come from residential customers upgrading from slower, dial-up Internet service, along with highly mobile professionals such as Realtors and salespeople who need access throughout the city."

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