Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Charter Posts 3rd Quarter Loss

  • HSI customers increased by approximately 88,100.
  • Telephone customers increased by approximately 82,000.
  • Digital video customers increased by approximately 49,400.
  • Analog video customers decreased by approximately 9,200.

"As of September 30, 2006, Charter served approximately 10,927,300 RGUs, comprised of 5,476,600 analog video, 2,767,900 digital video, 2,343,200 HSI, and 339,600 telephone customers," Charter reported. DSL Reports puts it this way: "Charter is the nation's fourth largest cable provider, but they're also the least financial stable, with a looming mountain of debt continually threatening the company's future. That future isn't looking much brighter today, as the company posted continued losses for the third quarter. The company says they've added 210,300 RGUs (a RGU is one service, ie cable, broadband, or VoIP) in the quarter. 88,100 new broadband customers were added."

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