Friday, September 29, 2006

Web 2.0

Last at the TBTF Event at the Bright House Networks (Road Runner) HQ, Arthur Orduna spoke about Convergence. Arthur is the SVP of Policy & Product. He actually "gets it". It is all about Simple and Easy. The GUI is significant, especially to the user. During Q&A, someone asked about Web 2.0. What is it? Why all the hype? I think he dropped this one. Web 2.0 is mainly about consumer generated content. MySpace and YouTube is mainly self expression - the proverbial 15-minutes-of-fame.

Arthur did talk about how local high school football games should be viewable by the community, probably over BH cable (known elsewhere as TW Cable). That is what I keep telling the local ISP: Build Community Content. Let - even help - people upload their kids' soccer game and see how many people come to your site. Monetizing it will be another deal (and another thread). Photo albums like Flickr, Kodak, et al have traffic and loyal followers. [Work with a local printer and let people print from home to be picked up later. Burn those videos onto CD or DVD for the customer for archive.]

Another audience question was about the limited email storage. Google is unlimited or something. Customers are pack-rats. Sell them additional storage in email and a file vault. Sell them an archive. Sell them back-up. Remind them to back-up. These are the services that will help you stand out ... Be Remarkable. Talk to your marketplace ... and give them what they want.

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