Friday, September 29, 2006

MVNO Problems

ESPN Mobile shuts down. Did anyone notice? MVNO's (virtual cell companies) will have a hard time in the current market. Cell service is triggered by price and by handsets. MVNO's don't typically offer either one. MOTO and Nokia work with the Cell Network Owners. I just want one of them to give me a handset that will have impeccable call quality - not tinny, not weak, but cordless phone quality. I don't need a camera phone - you can't get into government buildings with them. IDC is saying that Blackberry is in trouble. Of course they are! They were first to market and have really not done anything since. The patent fight was the start of their demise. It gave Nokia and Microsoft time to catch up. Hey! RIM?! Give the Blackberry fantastic call quality and a better battery. It's tough to be first. Look at TiVo. Everyone knows what it is but uses a knock-off DVR instead.

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