Friday, September 22, 2006

Apple: Agent of Change

Seth writes: "Mac fans are crowing about Apple's current success--that they have a market cap 20% higher than Dell's. The lesson, other than the fact that pundits and the media are wrong 11 times out of every 9 predictions, is that Apple didn't succeed by digging in, working all night and doing more of what they'd been doing. They succeeded because they willfully changed the game. And then changed it again." That is how you out-maneuver the gorillas - be an agent of change! I'm not saying invent the iPod, but there are many things that you can do to change your services to look fresh and new to your current clients and prospects. [Two tele-seminars coming up in October: Oct. 3, Marketing Your Residential ISP and Oct. 10, Marketing Your Business ISP. Or better yet the in-person Round-Table in New Orleans on Oct. 6, smaller, more focused and a little tactical. Register today! Space is limited in order for each particpating ISP to get true value.]

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