Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Conferences and Expos: Part 2

ISPCON is in Santa Clara, Calif. in November 7-9. Jon Price is looking for speakers. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Winog is on the road in the Midwest in August. CompTel is in Orlando in Oct. 8-11. WISPCON IX was postponed. II4A's ISP Expo was postponed. I stopped doing Tele-seminars because of the low interest. KYISPA's July meeting had a low turn out. FISPA's last meeting in Nashville in March had dismal attendance. When vendors outnumber attendees - yuck! So FISPA will try again with a meeting in October in Nashville. (FISPA also had a meeting in Atlanta but I have no details on that). Are there too many shows? Probably. Do many of the shows suck? Yes. Are there a decreasing number of ISPs? I think so. Are ISPs buckling down? Probably. But the two things that they can do to survive is get out one of the shows to get a few ideas - and to improve their marketing and sales. (I can help with that one :) If you want something specific out of a show, call the promoter. That way you might be able to get improved ROI.

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