Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monetizing the Network

With razor thin margins on connectivity, you have to start looking at your network to find ways to gain revenue without adding costs. Managed services. Web Hosting. Hosted Apps. Affiliate Marketing. Advertising. These are just a few. You have probably heard about Adzilla, but how about Paxfire or Bare Fruit? These are ways to outsource advertising revenue on your network. Bare Fruit is going to start rolling out in August in the US. If you have 25,000 users surfing the web through your network give me a shout to get a trial going. (RAD-INFO, Inc. ) ELN is looking at ways to make money on their muni systems: tracking cop cars and fire trucks; reading electricity, parking and gas meters; monitoring inventory and breakdowns in soda- and candy-vending machines. What ideas is your company coming up with??? Spend a day with a few of your best customers to see how they use technology and see what you can improve, suggest, create, sell.

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