Tuesday, July 25, 2006

FDN profile

Founded in 1998, FDN Communications currently provides a full suite of voice and data services to over 70,000 business and residential customers and has more than 250,000 access lines. In addition, FDN provides web hosting, collocation, and application services throughout its operating footprint in the Southeast US. [Good to know they have a focus :)] FDN Communications will initially deploy the Calix C7 in its 170 central office collocations. [Good to know that FDN is sitting on so much capital - 170 CO's!] According to Matt Blocha, CTO with FDN Communications: "In addition to addressing all of our existing business and consumer services, including voice, DSL, and T1 private lines, Calix allows us to quickly and cost-effectively implement a wide array of emerging services such as business-oriented Gigabit Ethernet, VOIP, DSL, and many others."

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