Tuesday, May 09, 2006

VZ's Texas FiOS Marketing Blitz

Josh Long at Fat Pipe writes about VZ's marketing plan for FiOS in Texas: "In a suburb 25 miles northwest of Dallas, representatives of Verizon Communications are knocking on doors, hobnobbing with golfers at the driving range and handing out flower containers at the local Home Depot. On weekends, 400 Verizon employees in North Texas volunteer to take what their employer dubs "FiOS fun walks," donning Verizon apparel and hitting the neighborhoods with a message: there’s a new TV company in town. " BellSouth has been using door-knockers also to re-capture their residential and small business base. What are YOU doing that is similar to combat that activity in your own backyard? Need ideas? Contact marketingideaguy.com

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