Tuesday, May 09, 2006

VoIP Subscriber Numbers 4Q05

ISP Planet has the latest, available VoIP sub counts. Vonage is # 2 with 1.5M behind Skype. Cable takes the next 3 slots - Cox, Comcast & TW at 1.3M, 1.3M, 1.1M. Then CallWave, which seems more like a platform than a provider. CableVision & Charter are next at 700k and 100k. As I explained in my VoIP Analysis report, pure VoIP players are not scoring. Packet8, Net2Phone and SunRocket do not have more than 100k subs - less than the smallest MSO who started in VoIP years later. Even ISP-Planet makes a footnote about VoIP being about price. It is not just about price. It is about quality, positioning, features, integration, etc. If it was only about price MSOs that charge $50 wouldn't have as many subs as Vonage, who is spending $1M+ per month advertising. As DSL Reports notes, even though RBOCs are adding satellite TV subs, cable is taking VoIP subs faster than Bells are taking TV. And the TV revenue goes mostly to the DBS.

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