Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Price War Begins!

Comcast rolls out $99 Triple Play to Miami and the Mid-Atlantic. This begins the bloody price war of the summer. Temporarily the consumer wins; but long-term, the consumer loses. Big time. See: short term, Congress & the FCC can point to the price war and say: "See our plan is working," all the while smiling, winking, and collecting a check. BUT. But, at some point the accumulated debt to build these high-speed networks will need to be paid. At that point, the prices will rise, along with the stock. I give it one year. One year and you won't be able to find a triple-play deal for sub-$150.
The saving grace for telco will be quad-play with cell. If cable was smart, they would triple-play with cell, internet and TV. If I was a MSO, I would bundle wii, SlingBox, internet, cell, and TV to market to Gen Y. I would be looking at ways to do On-Demand video games. Another untapped market is On-Demand classes. there are lots of affluent home-schoolers and busy parents who could use some help teaching kids languages, home ec, science, SATs, driving, etc.

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