Thursday, May 04, 2006

Net Neutrality = Obscenity

Phone+ mag writes, "One of the sticking points in the net neutrality debate has been that no one can agree on a definition of the concept. In the Network Neutrality Act, Markey offers a series of classifications. Similar to the Four Internet Freedoms principles set forth by the FCC last year, before the agency deregulated DSL, Markey’s bill clarifies that broadband users can access all lawful content and applications; that providers cannot block, impair, degrade, discriminate against, or interfere with users’ ability to access their service; that users may send and receive lawful content, applications, and services; and that users may attach any device to the network that does not damage the network or degrade service for other users." ----> WHY NOT JUST have Net Neutrality be like Obscenity? We all know it when we see it.

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M said...

Wow. That really is obscene. If you look at the amount of money established corporations already spend on prominent internet advertising (just look at the promoted acts on, it's obvious that they already have a leg up when it comes to the Internet. Now this.

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